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Instant Evaluate is used by Blood Centers nationwide and is a leading provider of Automated Service Management solutions since 1996. Instant Evaluate 
is the creator of 
DonorServiceManagement.com and  ChairPersonSurveys.com.

ChairpersonSurveys.com was developed because Blood Centers need an easy
to use service that will help manage better relationships with Donor Chairpersons. 

The best way to know if Chairpersons are satisfied is to ask them.

ChairpersonSurveys.com is easiest and most cost-effective way to understand
and manage chairperson satisfaction.

After each Blood Drive the Chairperson automatically receive an email link to an
online survey asking questions about the most recent Blood Drive.  Once the
survey is submitted, it is immediately available to select levels of Blood
Center management via email and/or online reports..

With ChairPersonSurveys.com, Blood Centers always know the most updated information about Chairperson’s satisfaction.
  Chairperson Surveys - Powered by Instant Evaluate